PPM to allowance conversion?

Is it really a lose-lose? I mean realistically, from the allowance thread, it doesn’t seem like anyone who has a monthly allowance is making 8x the ppm for their area and they are likely meeting 4-8+ times a month (because if you’re meeting > 4 times, why wouldn’t you just ppm?)

People are quick to say that the OP would be low-balling by switching to an allowance less than 8x ppm when we don’t know what the ppm is.

Hypothetically, if the ppm is 7OO, four months would equate to 28OO. Upping to 8 meetings, on a ppm schedule, would be $56OO per month, which although is not unheard of, I would argue is pretty uncommon. Thus, I wouldn’t die on the hill that anything less than 8x is a “low-ball,” because in actuality, 8x ppm could be an unrealistic figure.

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