Is this practical advice or is it "just as good" logic?

This is....ungodly cringe.

Mild irony for a guy talking about radios to have an absolutely garbage lav mic.

In terms of what he's saying, it's....kinda true?

I don't think anyone is seriously shitting on people for having a Baofeng, I think the vast majority of people are happy that someone just has one that they can use.

Overall, it seems like 20 minutes to say "A crappy radio that someone has and knows how to use is better than a fancy radio they don't have" and talking about hostility that I think is super niche. Like, sure, there's gatekeepers in the community but that's pretty outside the wheelhouse of most people's concerns.

Like, yeah, sure, there are definitely "radio people" who might use their spare time to track down "unlicensed" HAM radio users and report them. The point that generally gets made about that is directionally tracking down an "unlicensed" HAM operator is rather difficult to begin with and most handhelds (Baofeng or otherwise) are so low powered that the chances of actually being found by anyone that can do anything aside from wag their finger at you are almost nothing.

Overall the video just feels pointless. Kiiiiinda feels a guy trying to juice the algorithm by talking about "controversy."

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