Practical benefits from therapy - reveal!

We don't do a lot of skills work but I guess all this emotional regulation stuff were doing so I can someday talk about stuff is helping me in daily life. Two main things:

Noticing my emotions, honestly, I didn't know I had them and that they present in my body. So in slowly but surely able to feel what's happening with me. I used to live 100% in my head, now we're down to 95%. And the times I notice my own feelings I can act on them. Like, once I realized I wasn't in agreement with a coworker trying to push me into something and though I don't like confrontation I also wanted to be true to my own feelings. So I stood up for myself. Another thing is now I notice when I make certain 'lazy' decisions that it's actually about fear. That I'm trying to avoid things. Something silly like not walking a shorter but unknown route to work because the known route feels safer.

Second thing is grounding myself. I've not applied it as much because I mostly need this skill in therapy, outside of session on don't get as distressed because I avoid avoid avoid. But I've been trying to push myself through some activities that make me wanna space out because of overwhelm. And now I notice this is happening and I can then ground myself. Take a moment. Sit it out. In the past I would've given up on said activity thinking I was just lazy and maybe even go to nap because that's the intense urge I get.

These things are only happening like 5% of the time, that I'm aware and able to change my pattern of behavior, but it gives me a lot of hope for the future because I thought there was no room for change.

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