Praise be! Mod Energy? Am I dreaming?

Mostly sounds good in theory, but I see 2 potentially large issues coming with these changes: 1) The "slicing" salvage is going to turn upgrading Mods into another "farm grind" instead of just a yes/no upgrade/sell 2) The total "Credits" cost of fully upgrading a Mod to 6? via Slicing is going to end up making Mods just as expensive, or even more, than they were before the recent cost reduction...and yet we still get utter peanuts when Selling a Mod! You may have taken say a 5dot tier-E Mod up to a level-15 tier-A with Credits and Slicing and then if you go to sell it you get like $50k for something that took you potentially up to $1mill plus loads of salvage farming to get to that level and then rd you want to buy a Mod one with worse stats at level-1 will set you back $3mill from the store! The "Sell" values need a BIG increase if EA really genuinely want to get more people using Mods rather than just introducing a new revenue stream...!

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