I prayed to Jesus and a picture fell off my wall

In the house where I grew up, my sister and I experienced quite a bit of negative paranormal activity. My parents never claimed to have experienced anything. However, their last night in the house, a mirror they had hung up (and was well secured) fell off the wall and loudly crashed to the floor. They were concerned by it and immediately thought that whatever my sister and I had always claimed to be around was finally making itself known to them. It isn't like my parents to give credence to anything of the sort, so I have a hard time doubting the connection they made in that instance.

I mention this story because I want you to think if you have reason to truly believe this is actually supernatural and not happenstance. Have you experienced any paranormal activity in your home before? Why do you believe this is paranormal? Personally, I wouldn't make that connection just from what you've posted, but only you know if there have been more things going on.

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