The Pre-60 Experience

Eh, i’ll give it a shot. Spoiler warning:

>!Story began with a light goddess and a dark goddess getting into a war because the light goddess kicked the dark goddess out. Dark goddess was killed, light goddess reincarnated into the empress. Darkness started infesting the world out of control and things were done to stop it resulting in two of seven heroes being presumed dead (it is implied that the black mage is one of them).

Then the Black Mage attacks, you guard a caravan that gets attacked, go to find out who did it and get side tracked with a pair of dungeons and a manhunt involving a bum and a blonde guy who was said to be behind it all until Kearning City gets attacked. Then Henesys gets attacked and you go help, then get sent away to find Manovich’s son, get informed that Manovich is in trouble when you do and arrive too late to help. So then you get sent to the shadow gate to make pills, get taken to Hogwarts to help with research and then a few sidequests later get confused when a well dressed panther man shows up out of freaking nowhere to abduct wizard guy. Minister dude to the empress gets kidnapped by his evil daughter in a dungeon with a boss that hits stupid hard... but you get a trophy for dying to one of her attacks so... yay? Then you get sent to Perion where a tribe of magicians or whatever is corrupting some golems and, by extension, one of the seven heroes and... I’m not entirely sure what all happens around this part of the story tbh but man that golem boss is hard.

Anyways after that the leader of the tribe that owns Perion gives up his and a wolf who’s name i belatedly realized has a misspelling of Simba’s Dad’s name lives to stop the evil guys from succeeding too hard. Then wizard dude comes back, becomes two dudes but unlike Kaitlyn’s wildest fantasies one is evil. And you then have to defend some place in an incredibly easy dungeon that involves guarding three gates and already someone isn’t realizing that you should really just stand in front of the gates and not really move and we lost a gate. And despite all that sounding extremely important in the grand scheme of things it has yet to really be brought up again.

Remember that blonde dude you were chasing earlier? He’s important again as wizard dude has a crystal showing you the obviously important character is important. So you ask the mayor about Dark Wind and after dealing with a MS1 shoutout and a few quests you enlist the help of some ninjas that help you expose that the obvious bad guy is a bad guy by finding that bum from earlier who has all the details. You then oust the bad guy and some other loyalists in Dark Wind and install the head ninja as the leader. Then after the only quest with voice acting and the bum getting killed, the girl that’s the third point in a love triangle between important blonde guy and obvious bad guy vanishes and blonde guy goes after her, you find them and bad guy is now a demon and after kicking his ass the girl comes out to tell everyone to stop fighting because we may not fully understand everything that’s going on.

Also Tria is attacked by the trainee succubus that ransacked the caravan from the beginning. So you try to stop them, mostly succeed but then get stunned by trainee succubus who then threatens to kill the empress. Her response is to start glowing and the technically censored trainee succubus (seriously, in the character cutouts showing up when she speaks in this scene she is far more covered than her actual model) runs off because apparently the empress is apparently actually a walking time bomb cataclysm of light. Then Joddy dies. And that’s where the story ended before the official launch.

After that you get informed that the world used to have dragons until the nope’d off planet during the war mentioned in the intro cutscene. Except trainer succubus has one and now some kinda dragon dude is looking for a rock that is important to them, so you go find out what is up with that in a new island. There you meet the leader of some goons that were harassing a guy early in the story and go stop a pair of stolen trains in what is still one of the more interesting concepts for a dungeon in an MMO (was one of the best dungeons in WoW’s Warlords of everyone agrees this expansion sucked). Then you find out he kidnapped two of four decendents of people that were friends of the dragons, get sent to a third who tells you to find some meerkats to find the fourth. One false lead later you fight some person who has no real explanation but is working for the bad guy then fight the dragon man who is apparently from another world. You beat him, take the stone back and the Black Mage heals the dragon man because he’s part of a hard mode dungeon and i believe a chaos raid. !< And that’s currently where we are at.

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