Pre AEW Dynamite 9/21/22: Grand Slam Discussion

I am not a fan of the women's match. 4 way again? The people included make no sense. I feel Toni Storm has to win otherwise All Out was for nothing. Jamie Hayter who is the most deserving of a title shot is not in the match and her interfering and causing Britt to lose seems destined to happen with how predictable AEW booking is. If that happens then the only purpose for a championship match is to help push a non title feud in Jamie and Britt. That seems like more of the same where AEW does not respect the women's title. Having a 4 way match two weeks ago then Jamie and Britt turning then the big match between the two be at Grand Slam would have made more sense. I don't get why they are dragging their feet with the only notable storyline in the women's division right now. Toni is champion but shes not a real champion with the stupid interim label and being throw into these type of matches. She was pinned by Athena who lost to Jade Cargill who does not even know how to wrestle. This is a 101 course on how to make your talent look bad and why AEW womens division is a joke.

Jericho was just in the tournament for AEW title now he is in a title match for ROH? They need a separate show and roster for ROH. Just absorbing the company and adding a bunch more titles to AEW is getting old.

I don't really have a dog in the fight for any of the matches. A lot of people assume Mox will go on vacation so that means he loses to Danielson or wins but loses to MJF who cashes in.

I know a lot of people seem pumped for this show but what I am looking forward to the most is what is not on the card. MJF of course but also a debut or big return.

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