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Americans ignored the quarantine,

Kind of irrelevant, since pretty much people worldwide are "ignoring the quarantine." Especially as it's more a loose guideline at this point.

People love to rip on America, but Italy held a Formula 1 race last week (hey, remember how Italy went on super-hard lockdown because of how bad it was?), and let fans come to the race because it was Ferrari's 1000th GP. Which I guess could be worded as "Italians ignored the quarantine," if you want to take unnecessary digs at Italians that have nothing to do with the situation.

I mean, fires have started from people throwing lit cigarettes out the window when there's no pandemic going on. Anywhere it gets dry and hot enough, you've got that situation going on. And in California, you get the double whammy of it hitting triple digits while a lot of people can't run air conditioning throughout the day to make it bearable inside, which makes them understandably not want to hole up inside all day.

But, like, imagine if you started everything by mentioning a "quarantine" that doesn't really exist. "Americans ignored the quarantine, protested against police brutality." "Americans ignored the quarantine, went to the polls to vote for their next elected leaders." Just... why bother mentioning that except as some really weird attempt to take a dig at Americans? Especially given that people "ignoring the quarantine" is a worldwide thing?

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