[Pre-Release Card Discussion] - Baku the Mooneater

I'm looking forward to use this card and "meme" with Face Hunter since its a deck that can become quite oppresive with the 3 dmg hero power as the dmg adds up really quickly and you can never really stabilize. Currently the deck only uses one 2 drop (Razormaw) and one 4 drop (Houndmaster) anyway. Granted that those cards are really really powerful, but its reasonable to think that with the new expansion you'll find three other 1/3 costed cards to complete the deck. Granted, after the Corridor Creeper nerf the deck is way worse, but it'll be fun to try it out. The only card that is rotating out is Alleycat, so here is hoping for a good replacement in the next expansion.
But you still have Tundra Rhino, Hydra, Leeroy, KC, Unleash, Bow, Companion, Bearshark, Tracking etc...
Important to note that Owl is an option as a tech card, you can discard Mooneater with tracking so it isn't a dead 9 mana card in your hard and since its a beast you can watch on Trolden someone finally charging it with Tundra Rhino.

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