Precautions and tips when cooking for a pregnant partner.

I cooked for my sister who was pregnant twice.

100% avoid raw/semi-raw food. Common stuff like medium rare steak, salad, garnishings, runny yolks from sunny sideup/poached eggs, sushi/sashimi.

Avoided desserts like meringue, mousse, custard just because the basic version of those recipe uses raw eggs.

Fermented/Cured/Aged stuff like ham, salami, cheese, yogurt, jerky.

Animal offals and seafood we avoided, especially prawns and crabs. Also avoided fishes like carp, tilapia.

Plenty of things you can still eat though. We had salmon, cod, snapper, seabass.

Pulled up the barbie and had chicken wings and pork chops.

Korean bbq, hot pot,

Braised meat, stews, soup, stirfry

If I can cook, I would.

There are times when she just like processed stuff like spam, instant noodles, fast food, etc.

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