Prediction Thread S02E12 "Ramifications"

First, we are properly introduced to "Queen Bitch" Persephone, or at least they properly set her up as the Season 3 Big Bad.

I have my doubts about Reynard actually being Reynard the Fox because that Reynard was a trickster, but not the violent kind. He is a trickster after all, I wouldn't put it past him to lie about his name to fly under the radar from something that might come down on him hard. I'm buying into the idea that there's always something bigger out there.

Regarding Eliot getting booted, iirc Umber said the Beast killed Ember. Not sure if that counts as a word of god despite coming from a god, but my gut tells me Ember is well and truly dead. I think Filory itself might be waking up; its magic belongs to no one, so over time without a god or something to consciously direct its flow, it'll wake up and become something like a niffin, though on a much bigger scale. It's probably some side effect of what the fairies did to the Wellspring.

What's left? Margo's probably going to get her ass handed to her by the fairies, but she'll save either Fen or the child, who has probably been born already. Fairies are immortal and can probably mess with time more than Eliza could without worrying about the consequences.

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