Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau stake out their turf for a year of culture wars

"State control", perhaps, so let us define the term then to seek mutual understanding, clarity and truth for the sake of peaceful dialogue and discussion.

I am not an expect but for the sake of a good discussion, my opinion is that it is the government of a nation-state at some particular level, in Canada's case and in context here, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government. Mind you, I get the impression he talks tolerance so we comply with his will and submit to his need and intentions but appears to not be tolerant of dissent and different political opinions. Look no further than his policy on Abortion as a condition for being a member of his political party. Apparently abortion is a canadian value and to disagree and be a political opponent seems to be athema and uncanadian. He himself did set a standard with regards individuals accused before being proved guilty. How is that not totaltarian? How about denying funding based on an ideological value to charity groups across many religious belief systems? Seems discriminatory and untolerant to me. Those are some examples. Imagine one and two generations from now when ideology is taught and grown within our children in the public education system. Perhaps future generations of canadians and the government of the Nation-State may become even less tolerant than it is today as an political Entity. Never ending class struggles and division and modern reformation, gender comrade, just don't deny me how I identify whatever I want to be. Feminism is defined however The Party defines it, like in 1984. If you disagree, you need to be educated. Remember our Prime Minister putting a woman in her place for not using the correct phrase "Peoplekind". This is the kind of leader Canada wants?

We don't need such individuals leading this country. I think it's rather interesting nonetheless how on one hand, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected on what seemed to me populist issues, yet on the other hand he failed to carry out populist resolutions, provides excuses and seeks to talk about being away of Trump-like populists coming to power. Really? In Canada? Seriously. Isn't he the Populist rising on popularity? How is this not projection? How is it not hypocricy? How is it not simply accusing another of doing the very thing one has done? Or am I wrong? Whose side is the media and CBC and popular opinion generally on here? I thought it was the champion of goodness and virtues, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, catholic.

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