I prepare game campaign from Humblewood for our kids (8+11). 5e is little bit difficult for them so I try to convert setting to Black Hack 2e and draw new character sheet.

Not really, you can use some tricks from IRL topography to handle them...

  • Contour Lines can be used to mark a region on an different level (usually higher).


  • The "standard topographics symbols" are easier to parse and may help your maps: [https://www.topozone.com/topographic-map-legend-symbols/]

  • Icons can be used to mark a POI that will shift you to another map (use numbers or letters)

  • Some Icons can include a specific "height". I.e. A Mountain = +3, a chasm = -2, a valley/lake is -1 and so on.

  • If a small area overlaps use a "cutout" to show the different levels.

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