Prepper Dream land...

Eh, the driveway comes off pavement, and is "relatively level" according to the description. Furthermore I dont need to travel much.

Yes, it is 10 acres, but its in the middle of 30,000 acres of wilderness area along a highly protected watershed, so its likely to stay that way- protected. Also it says it is the most interior private land in the entire Mark Twain National Forest.

As to no power, the power is inherent. A cave remains in the 58F range year round with zero cost for power. Nothing freezes and nothing burns up. For "free".

And, the inhabitants of this place would need no power outside what could be produced with panels or generators in a pinch- and no one can take those from you. Further, that river was the original "highway" through which that rugged are was settled in the first place, for lack of overland routes. Protected, inaccessible, private, efficient.

Im going to look into it, and I'll post back.

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