The President is calling for Senator Mitt Romney to be expelled from the GOP after becoming the first senator in US history to vote to convict a President from their own party.

Ahhh, the hyperbolic charade, prerequisite deception, and blame-game scapegoat misrepresentation necessary to feel involved in the twisted dynamics of the American political process, which appears to no longer have anything to do with reality, truth, or promoting wellbeing and prosperity for everyone, but more to do with trying to win as the biggest con man ever in the biggest con game of all, resulting in a system of accelerated wealth redistribution in which all must purchase their life from the wealthy, while under their manipulative control in a made up game of mass consumption, greed, and spectacle. Success is defined through greed, war, and deception in one form or another, with distraction and division implemented in various ways as a top strategy, especially through media, by those at the top, already ahead in the game, to stay on top. We’ve been like this for such a long time, only it’s become a precise science of social control by the corporate elite, with the middle and lower class playing the guinea pig, and politicians acting as the middle men lab assistants. It’s bizarre and gross.

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