President Trump found “not guilty” on Article 1 - Abuse of Power

you ever have a friend that just starts wearing really short shorts "ironically" for a few days? then you check in 3 weeks later and it's just.. what they wear now? what was the function of irony in the process of their behavior change? it's like his brain had to finesse itself to get into those shorts so it offered him this story to rationalize it.

in the past few years i've learned that humor is benign 90% of the time, but it's also often used as a trojan horse to side-door the normal decision-making part of the brain or something. irony especially. you won't act out awful things unless you can invoke an associated humor along with it, not that wearing short shorts is awful, but the outcome in the world is the same whether there was a humor to it or not.

what does it mean when politicians joke about term limits!

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