President Trump has promised for years that Mexico would pay for a vast border wall. Now, in the Trump administration’s campaign to stop illegal immigration, the United States plans instead to pay Mexico $20 million in foreign assistance funds to deport as many as 17,000 people.

Let’s say you’re running a high school k? At this school, there’s a weird kid named Steve. Everyone decides that because Steve has dumb hair, that he shouldn’t get treated like everyone else. People start making rules that he’s not allowed to take certain classes. He can’t ride the bus either. You can hit Steve, and that’s ok. Now someone wants to make a school rule that says you’re not allowed to discriminate just because he’s weird. Suddenly all those people feel fucking persecuted. Because their right to shit on Steve is “infringed on.” They lost their “freedom” somehow. As if there is two equal and opposite sides to this. That’s what we’re lookin at here. That’s not the same as suggesting that one of the people running for class president has fostered hostility toward Steve purely because he knows the meanest kids at school will support him for doing so.

What makes my opinion better is that people shouldn’t be treated like dirt. Allowing people to live equally is inherently better, and if you think differently, then you’re a Trump Republican and I don’t imagine that you’re surprised or even care about his actions as president. And if that’s the case, you’re not who I’m talking to here.

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