The President, Vice President and Government is out of touch when they think reciting a Bible verse will get people who haven't vaccinated, vaccinated.

Not only in USA, the 4 corners of the earth who are been awakened as we speak. They will bring the truth - the two witnesses - the Most High's covenant for the last time and for 42 months will be given power on the earth before been taken up onto the sea of glass with those that repent ( the 1st resurrection / Ezekiel 39) then Messiah is going to destroy the beast system and the false prophet and all those with her. This is the 1st resurrection and the beast ( the religious leaders and those governments that have drank of the blood of her fornication will be taken and cast into the lake of fire. Then for 1000vyears Satan will be sealed in the bottemlss Pitt and then lossed for a little season when he and the dead are resurrected (2nd resurrection/ Ezekiel 38) try to take the city ( new Jerusalem) for what.? - to get their hands on the fruit of the tree of life but they will fail because this is when the Most HIGH says to HIS Son sit down on my right hand till I make your enemies thy foot stool and then the whole sorry lot are taken the unrepentant and Satan and are cast into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet were cast in to eternal death, or non existence.

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