The Press Conference

I’m not against the other party winning. At all.

People who abuse power and position. Not all republicans do, democrats do as well. They should be tried for treason, the lot of them. Set a precedent. Mega corporations committing massive financial crimes against american civilians should be tried as well.

I actually like a lot of republican voters even if I think they’re politically stupid. Moderate republican politicians can be alright sometimes. Radical right wingers are trash but if they don’t commit crime, then idc.

Georgias Kemp literally just abused his power and position to rob American people of their right to vote for personal elevation. He should be tried for treason and if found guilty, hung by the neck until dead. If not found guilty, then obviously he’s got the right to keep his position and earns a degree of validity. Innocent until proven guilty. The whole deal.

That doesn’t change my opinion on maximum punishment and lax definition of treason.

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