So i pretended to be a girl on discord

I mean what are they going to say, really?

The Mad Tv parody was hilarious:

"So you are openly admitting to your intention to have sex, with a minor?"
"Jack, I don't care if she's a miner, a chef, a ventriloquest...hell, she could weave baskets for a living...
" ...Let's go, me and you, same time...
"No, no, no, no, do you realize what you're proposing is illegal?
"'We' baby...what 'we' are proposing is illegal...
"I am not here to have sex with a teenager!
"You mean to tell me, you have a perfectly fine, fully developped, 17 year old girl who willing and able, and you not interestered?
"I am not interested, right
"Sure, right...(laughs at him) aiight

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