Pretentious atheists often brand themselves as rationalists when they're being hardcore empiricists.

Precisely. This is exactly what I meant when I said they're only using one brand of logic. It's not necessarily wrong, hey, there are great debates out there regarding different standpoints, and the philosophy branch that discusses them is very interesting. But for the love of God, just stop branding it as the way to know stuff. It's a symptom of how modern society has evolved to praise this sort of methodology as the method to obtain everything. Right now I'm studying whether this is related to scientism (a.k.a "le science is all that matters and works") or not. There seems to be a common belief these days that logical empiricism is the way to reach whatever knowledge, but I'm not entirely sure I can relate this to scientism. I'm thinking of this for many reasons, but one of them is exactly what you said: the fact people who follow this methodology often are 'science nerds', so to speak.

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