This is pretty awesome trekkie or not: Trekspertise - The Post-Feminism of Star Trek

Interesting Video. I am a big Star Trek fan, and Voyager has always been my favorite of the shows. I am a male, but i started watching Voyager with my mom in my young teens. It was not until i was older and had a better ability to truly understand the complexities of the acting and stories that i truly appreciated what Star Trek Voyager was.

Janeway in particular. She is easily the best Captain depicted in all of the series/movies. Beyond the acting talent which was great for most of the Captain actors (who all originated in Theater Acting), the way Janeway was depicted was so great.

I introduced my better half to StarTrek by first showing her Voyager. She loved it immediately, and even said she found herself approaching life with the same resolve as Janeway would and jokingly came up with the phrase "What would Janeway do?"

The things i like best about Janeway is that her character is so strong, so intelligent, so vulnerable and yet so commanding. Everything about her is truly human and in all of its wonderful varieties.

Janeway has the strong facade on the bridge as is expected of Captains, she always knows the correct answer, she trusts her staff but never hesitates to correct them or scold them when needed. But in private she has all of the vulnerabilities a human would have, loneliness, regrets, disappointment and hesitation. She only ever shows this to her first officer in private as maintaining command was important to her and that crew. She leads with her heart and morals and is every bit as capable as the other series Captains possibly more so considering how much butt she kicked and how often she kicked it. The addition of showing all the sides of her humanity is what made her my favorite over the other Captains. There is much to identify with even as a male fan watching.

I believe if i ever have a daughter i would hope to show them that show so they could have a strong charismatic and relate-able female lead to look to in media.

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