Pretty cool! Transsexual differences caught on brain scan

The issue with this is that we don't know enough about the human brain to actually know if that's what this is. However, some people could very well be trans but not have these results, and people might try and use if to say they aren't trans.

If a person is attracted to the same sex, both sexes/any sexes, or feels that they're trans then that's what they are. And that's for a good reason. Because the brain is so complex that we can't trust results like this for a long time.

There's many theories as to why people are LGBT, but when it comes down to it, it's something that's a deep part of them, and we aren't really able to understand why that is at this point. Living in Palestine meant it was required I go to college ((we really like science, philosophy, etc.)) And from countless hours of research I can say that it isn't clear whether people are born gay or can become gay through events and experiences, although personally I feel it to be both ((An example is that when I was 6 I got raped by a soldier, and once I hit puberty I found myself slowly becoming less attracted to males, and eventually becoming attracted to females. However due to the young age I can't say for sure that experience is why, bit at least I feel it is)).

Anyway, the point is that we can't trust brain scans like this until we fully understand how human sexuality and sexual identity works. And even if we fully know that, we still shouldn't trust things like this simply because it's not up to anybody to decide stuff like this for somebody, except for the person who feels they're LGBT or whatnot.

Sorry for the largely pointless rant of sorts.

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