It's pretty damn hard and frustrating to be a Stadia user right now

The problem is more so on the marketing side because people like you obviously don't know they are spreading lies. It might have been like that some time ago, but it is no more. The business model would work, i mean, why would it not? Its the same as a regular console, buy game, play game. Problematic are the high prices, only if you want to game in 4K you need to pay the monthly fee, otherwise its free. You can play on every Android, and now on more recent Chromecast devices and those integrated with Android TV too. I fully blame Google for not marketing their product properly, because at its core, it absolute magic how well Stadia works. It is almost indistinguishable from a local console when done right, and it hurts to see them fail so hard. No other cloud service is as close to "usability" as Stadia.

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