The Pretty Girl Newspaper [Excel Saga]

Dear Reddit,

You're a great judge.

How are you ? Thanks for helping me when I when to jail. I haven't spoken to you since then. I have. I was in New York at the time.Tennis.. I can see that the organization isn't in good health and they don't have enough men to help me do a job in Baltimore. This might resonate around the world. There are young men and women on the streets and on the corners who need help. I've seen enough of them now to ask for help. I have to ask where their bigger bigger brothers and sisters are. I can't say that I'm perfect as a young man and I've made mistakes . I see some of these mistakes in the city that I'm in and I see where I can find help (at least on a base level). Drugs and prostitution bro. Help.Lots of little boys and girls growing up all alone and in gangs . searching for their fathers and mothers .I don't hold the composure necessary to perfectly elocute the necessity of your organization at this time. Help. I'm seeing too many lost people Trevor. Young people, who could help and attention that they deserve, as human beings. Human beings , not street trash littered about under the cracks and crevices of a broken nation. One hand could help the other if only there was a hand to help. They need manhood and so do the little girls I see out herem. Where is your sister organization. Can you not rally a cry for help, Trevor. I'd pay my dues if you helped, I said. Still call God Andre..Remember this email . my words have gotten to you. Young one. I'm Skywalker. I will not be silenced because of MONEY.I will not be silenced because of fear. I will not be silenced because of hatred for my own brother but I have held my tongue before. Young Draco. Don't make me sue you people for derilection of duty ? A so DAT go? Help.

Thanks God! Can't believe in mankind.

This place has no leaders fit to lead children. Help . I can't look anymore at the young girls with babies who don't have any. I can't look in the faces of some of these people. Don't make me add music ques. I'll do it to you. I'll even remix the ting. . HELP. We need the presence of God! Rally the good men.. Its a big job. You promised me . You said that there would be help. You man are big and bad and boast, show me . and I'll pay my dues. Charles R Drew too. William Hastie is like my best friend. Ask me about it later. Grounds level stuff okay guy. Help.I have documentaries to watch. Its about life. I live under a church at the moment. send them my cry. I need men and not boys lad. Help me. Help me help them. Help me help them so they can drink water like the elephants. You know I can't say it any simpler than that . if you help people will remember you . this city is in mortal peril bro. Mortal peril. Understand that for me. I'm reading philosophy for free. I found a book somwhwre and I had to chop it in half to get how to make great men. I've seen some. I could do with seeing more. Mistakes are easy to make and fixes are harder to correct. How to fix something that isn't broken? Can you help me to fix a broken thing so it never becomes broken again. Its almost summer . I've seen too many bad things from people.

God is real.

Kindly, Andre.

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