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Pretty good example of a first cyle

Pretty good example of a first cyle

This guy posted a few times. Hasn’t mentioned gear at all.

My thoughts.

Check the redness/flushing in the upper chest. Super common on testosterone. Happens to me every cycle. Look at his face in the after. Bit of bloating compared to the before yet he’s leaner (check the ab and delt vascularity). Classic estrogen moon face on test. Also happens to me every cycle.

21 lbs in 90 days means he needs a surplus of around 800-900 a day to hit. Claims a surplus of 500 a day. Where’d the extra weight come from? Water. When you first hop on and your estrogen spikes you retain a lot of intramuscular water. Looks great because it looks like muscle. Doesn’t need the extra calories, it comes from your water intake. Goes away when you come off or drop your dose.

21 lbs in 90 days is around 1.75 lbs a week. That would be insane weight gain for a natty. Hell, I don’t even do that on a blast. And he got leaner while doing it.

P90X is a fitness routine. Not optimal at all for muscle hypertrophy. Yet he still got a years worth of newbie gains in 3 months? On an suboptimal diet model?

All these things point to gear use and likely some dose of testosterone (250-500mg a week). Likely not anything else.

Pretty realistic expectations for a first cycle and imo he could have done a bit better if he had an actual decent routine and ate more. This shows you how powerful gear is. Big change in physique in 3 months on suboptimal training and nutrition. Good on him for being so lean when he started. Likely didn’t even need an AI and no gyno at all.

This could also be TRT. I’m on 200mg/wk from my doc and got pretty similar results. So, might not be “steroids” but in no way is this dude natty.

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