Pretty hypocritical for Tom and Christina to tell Unk Shine he needs to get with the times with gay people

“Just admit you like chicks with dicks” not transphobic, huh? Google “chicks with dicks” and all the results will say it’s a derogatory term. So let me put this in terms you’ll understand… derogatory phrase + targeting a specific community = transphobic. And it’s funny, I haven’t said a thing about my identity but you keep assuming things and claiming I’m apparently not a part of the community but also you admit I care about the trans community. Nah, assholes like you who get triggered by constructive criticism are the people everyone is tired of. I’ve listened to this podcast for years, and mostly enjoyed it. But the first time I decide to say anything about it the crybaby ultra fans decide it’s their duty to defend Tom. Lol, get a life and thoughts of your own

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