This is pretty succinct to explain everyone has agreements, boundaries, and the only issue is whether you are, or are not, talking about them.

Exactly, it is my fault for having insecurities. I should not have a desire at all to be told how sexy or beautiful I am. I should completely let feeling special go ♡ I instead should have zero rules on my partner. They are their own person, who am I to get hurt by their behavior? I mean how stupid. Exactly, and while I have never had the desire that my husband be friendless I have had the desire that he love only me in the romantic and sexual sense. I can see now how cruel and abusive that was. I own it.

I am hurt. I am in a constant state of heartbreak because i still desire to feel wanted and special. I know the things it would take to achieve my happiness are abusive and ridiculous hence why I am working on letting it go. I have done so well so far in letting go of these desires that I don't desire sex.

Thank you for reminding me that my happiness is not anyone else's responsibility. Honestly relationships seem very stupid in light of this. Why would we want to be with another?

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