Pretty sure I lost my breath before I read his tweet. Why he so fine tho?

The link you shared has people outraged at the assholes who made their partners live a lie during many years, instead of being upfront and showing themselves as they were from the beginning.

I feel a little sympathy for them, since obviously they would fare terribly if they found themselves attached to a submissive good little girl such as yourself and the majority of brainwashed women in society, who obviously wouldn't stand to date a GNC man. But in the end, they completely fooled their partners, and forced them into a relationship that ultimately was a lie. How is that not the epithome of assholery?

You have definitely read the foundational texts of feminist theory. We all remember that famous passage where Mllle de Beauvoir declared "One is born a woman. That's how it always has been and always will be"

If Mille de Beauvoir didn't believe in something as basic as the biological sciences, then I have no reason to believe in her. It'd be like asking me to believe in Ray Comfort or Kirk Cameron.

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