It's so pretty. I wonder how long it'll last. Also, I can finally get my own equipment. It only took nearly 3 months at my new position.

Is this a nieghborhood market in Sumter? I have to ask because it looks the exact same, and when I went to install the VR headsets with someone from the academy. It was the worst thing I had ever seen, they had a filing cabinet beside the locker, when I moved it to get to the cables, There were like 3 scanners, batteries, chargers and so much paper shoved in between it. and In their lockers there were just rolls of roll back stickers and missing items. They were also completely locked out of the fastenel system so they could not open or close any so like 5 of the doors were stuck open. It was a mess, the person I was with took a picture, I wish I did.

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