Preventive Use of Ivermectin Reduced COVID Mortality by 90%, Study Found • Children's Health Defense

I rise my drink to you, my vaxxed gentlemen, who have to be the most courageous people I ever had the honor to meet. Despite having to face a virus killing less people than tobacco usage and only killing 0.05% of people (most of them exceeding the life expectancy) and who already had comorbidities in 94% of cases and preexisting conditions in more than 99% of cases (and that is all based on a PCR test who has been proven many times to be highly unreliable) you still had the upmost bravery to allow criminal institutions like Pfizer who paid one of the largest criminal fine in US history and has been constantly caught over the previous years mixed up in criminal acts, to inject you with a rushed, unapproved, not tested on animals, gene editing substance called ''vaccine'' for marketing reasons (as shown by the recent allegations of a Bayer executive). For months, you were shown all the alarming data over the enormous spike of adverse events and deaths related to the jab in VAERS, Eudravision & Vigiaccess. For months, you were shown that these jabs do not stop you from catching the virus, do not stop you from carrying it, do not stop you from giving it to someone else, do not stop you from dying of it. For months, you were shown countries who removed their vaccines over myocarditis issues. And lastly for months, the inventor of the technology used in these jabs, an ex VP of Pfizer, the Nobel who discovered the HIV and the most published cardiologist in the world, along with thousand of other highly respectable scientists, PhDs and doctors, all tried to warn you against the jab with reliable scientific data.

But despite ALL of this, you not only allowed yourself to be the ultimate humanity lab rat and take the jab but you also agreed to repeat the experience with all the boosters. I thereby rise my drink to your immense act of bravery. We will continue studying your adverse reactions and build up our dossier of arguments to absolutely not take the vaccine.

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