Big post here. I apologize. So I found this 7700k-gtx 1080 pc for $850. It's 2 hours away, but I don't mind the drive. I did a pcpartpicker build, and it came out to a little over $1350. Heres what the listing says " The gtx 1080 has two fans 13 blades each The left fan is missing 1 of the 13 blades doesnt effect temperature or performance at all and zero noise, Computer works Flawlessly upgraded the watercooler to a Corsair with dual silent Fans and also added a 5.1 surround sound, sound card Does include controllable Led lighting throughout the computer case custom tempered glass case Extremely high frame rates and extremely fast cpu power, You wont be dissapointed! (Gpu and cpu combined is 850+ value)

i7 7700k 4.2ghz 16gb of 2133mhz Ram 256gb SSD 1tb HDD Corsair Cpu Watercooler with Dual silent Fans MSI armor edition 1080gtx 8gb z270 msi gaming motherboard 650watt power supply Custom remote controlled RGB lighting Wireless Wifi adapter included Wireless Keyboard and Mouse included Aswell as HDMI Cord" Granted, I don't need the HDMI, WiFi, or keyboard and mouse. I may be able to knock off $20-40. What do you guys think? Deal of the year? Or not worth the drive? I'm from DC, USA by the way. High income area, seller is from PA, very low to low income area. Thanks for reading if you read this far :)

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