the pride sys rewards feel homophobic

I think you're looking too much into this and showing a bit of an overreaction. The unicorn has always been associated with the LGBTQ+ community and not because you guys are "mythical". A unicorn is a symbol for inner struggles. It's a representation of freedom, dreams, fantasy, and practically anything that your heart can desire. THAT'S what that animal represents. I'm assuming you haven't done any of your research if you don't know that unicorns are an important element to the LGBTQ+ community. The unicorn has multiple representations and can stand for infinite number of interpretations, so it's widely chosen as the perfect symbol.

Even though a unicorn is depicted as a beautiful and stunning creature, it also keeps itself hidden. It has infinite possible talents but it still fears to come out. It keeps itself hidden and away from the world in order to avoid being hurt and caged. Isn't that the same analogy for you guys too? Many of you struggle in accepting yourself and you struggle in coming out too, in fear of acceptance by the society itself. That's why the unicorn is used. It's just an emblem. The creature is a beautiful one but still lives away from the world. And similar for you. Many of you are just as beautiful in person and you too struggle finding acceptance. A unicorn is just an emblem in this regard and it shows that anyone can be unique and STILL be a perfect human being. It's not there because you're "mythical" or "magical". It's there for the reasons I mentioned above.

So please. Just educate yourself more on the matter and preferably take this post down. It's heavily misleading. Just because you're in a discriminated community, it does NOT mean you can go and falsely accuse others of similar things. So please don't. There are so many people, outside of the LGBTQ+, who want to genuinely love and support you, but defensive attitudes like yours really make it difficult to do so.

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