Prince Andrew groped young woman at flat belonging to billionaire paedophile, court documents allege | The Independent

You snooped my comment history

A minute ago you claimed I snoop through people's search history.

you dribbling cretin

nice, keep going u/vibrate

even though it had nothing to do with our discussion

It has everything to do with the discussion and it was a comment you made earlier on this article, it wasn't hidden away in your 'search history' or 'comment history'.

that comment is made up entirely of comments you have made previously.

Wait, so to attack me you have searched through my comment history and found a comment I made one month ago? That's not weird or creepy at all is it? Now that really is an 'unhealthy amount of time'.

Go back to raving on about the thoroughly debunked pizzagate nonsense you easily manipulated halfwit

Ah there it is. Well done. Nowhere have I 'raved about pizzagate', merely presented facts including a video from CBS News that presented only facts.

easily manipulated halfwit.


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