Prince Andrew will be 'left out' of plans for Philip's 100th birthday

It’s particularly heinous when the Crown categorically denies that there has been any wrong doing by the Queen’s own son. Even if he can no longer be tried for statutory rape of a minor, she allows Andrew to dodge authorities in offering testimony that might assist investigators help victims finally get a fair shake in a court of law that was denied them by crooked Florida prosecutors. For Andrew to do so would require that he tell the truth under oath about his own entanglements with Epstein/Maxwell which would confirm his own misconduct and to lie would put him at risk for criminal perjury.

Keeping Randy-Andy off the balcony standing next to mummy in his sailor suit full of medals he hasn’t earned for photo ops is hardly punishment neither does it fool anyone. Avoiding further “embarrassment” is more vital to her than standing up for the rule of law as head of State. A very sad legacy indeed.

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