Prince Charles calls on 'pickers who are stickers' to harvest UK crops

Well, yeah, fair. I suppose we don't know.

She doesn't give off the impression of being mentally unstable, at least to me.

Re andrew here's a few ideas but idk. If she does know, get her and them out and in prison or whatever imo.

1) you're right - she's in on it but I mean ok but I dunno, I can't say she's not - but I'd need some actual evidence to point to it. Royalty and "blood" aside, this is our head of state we're on about, like it or not. If true, well, abdicate and self-isolate (it's the best we can hope for, she cant go to prison at her own pleasure) and then abolish them. But before I'd entertain that I'd need to see actual evidence not circumstantial. I can't talk for everyone though on that point.

2) She did remove some of his "things" (I don't really care what it was, I know it was relatively minor - he still has his title and such) - which was basically a "suspension from job (whatever that is)" and has commissioned an internal Palace investigation to find out because... well, she can and it kinda makes sense given the media and stuff. As such, it's completely "no comment" on anything, or even acknowledging it until a report is done. Remember even in criminal cases they take months or even years to solidly investigate. So I am willing to be open to this for a few more months, but then it's going to start trying my patience and after that, the longer it doesn't resolved the more I'll believe in a coverup.

The above has happened and he is guilty, and they're trying to figure out what to do. This has two outcomes - number one as above they know it and hide it or number two "how the fuck do we handle this... he's guilty he has to be punished. Can we put him in a normal prison? There's no way." - "Oh I don't know mummy, dear andrew was like a brother to me." - "He is your brother, Charles." - "Oh yes, so he is." - "Do you think... private house arrest would work?"

etc and I dunno, because he's "better" than you and me, he gets literally better treatment?

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