Prince William and Kate Middleton's India trip: No amount of fawning media coverage can cover up these sordid facts: Missing from the couple’s visit will be remembrance or even utterance of the Bengal Famine, where three million people starved to death under the stewardship of Winston Churchill

At the risk of being ostracised, that event happened more than 70 years ago... 99.99% of the people who died in that famine would have died by now if it hadn't happened. The people who committed those crimes have long died, their bones have turned into dust.

India is now independent. It was not back then. Face the honest truth, do you really care about your servants sleeping under the fan during summers in 45-50 degree heat when you can't stand a minute without AC ? I don't !! And that's when we pay , care about and to a small degree respect our servants (driver,maid,housekeeper, etc.) Do we really check if they have eaten their meals properly, or if their relatives back in their villages are getting two square meals a day ?? We don't !! Will we pay them more if they say that their salary is not enough to feed their family...we won't... And that's when we have fair wage laws...

70 years ago...India was in a worse position as compared to our servants today... The world was different, people were dying left right and twice in the centre during the WWII one cared about some people under their rule half a world away..... hell you will see a beggar hungry tired sick and you will walk right by, engrossed in your own fairy tale many times do you bother to feed him or offer him water...I mostly don't.... I Agree what Churchill did was wrong, I cannot condone it under any circumstances... but maybe just maybe if I were in his place I sometimes doubt if I would have done any different...

it's a matter of perspective...acts against us become huge crimes and acts perpetrated by us are small mistakes . hindsight is 20/20..

pardon my gibberish...its just that just to garner some clicks people bring up such rubbish articles ... and the sheep follow

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