Priorities are important

You mean apply to become a citizen? No way. That process is way too long. Why? Because the illegal immigrants are cutting in line before people who have waited years and years. But hey, that's ok, right Obama?

I was called entitled a couple months ago by a person who has illegals in their family because of my views on Obama's infuriating acts. He has been spitting in the face of every person who has legally immigrated and who is in line to.

People are coming to the United States just to have their kids and are using their kids as their tickets to the US. Let's think about that for a second, people are having children just to illegally move to another country and take from its resources, but the people who support legal immigration are the bad ones.

Then you have these people that are saying how "ALL AMERICANS ARE ILLEGALS". Hm... Let's think about this. Through the history of the Earth, war has been fought to secure land, it's a fact. I'm not saying things that happened to the Native Americans was right, but the truth is it was war. No, it wasn't a fair war, foreigners were far more advanced, but it doesn't matter. Land was taken through force just as it has across the world through history. So let me say this, if you're going to say all Americans are illegals and we should all leave and have the borders reset, you better start pulling out your history books and figuring out where every civilization began prior to any blood being spilled for the land, good luck. That includes all of the Native American land that was fought over (Or do they believe that the Native Americans were a peaceful people?...).

A government is there to keep its citizens as well as their possessions safe. Instead of doing that, however, this government is allowing people to push their way in and take from its citizens. I already haven't been expecting social security to last until I'm of age to receive it, now I'm positive it won't. So people can call me entitled, go right ahead, because I am. Yes, I am entitled, I have had generation after generation working hard in this country, paying into the government and building this country, now it's my turn to do the same while also reaping the rewards of those that have came before me while also protecting everything they worked so hard for. The person who wants to push people out of their way and take their spot in line so they can take what isn't theirs is calling someone who sees that as wrong, entitled. Wow.

If you move to this country legally, what's mine is yours, otherwise, go fuck yourself, you are a piece of shit. Not because you wanted a better life, but because by trying to do that the wrong way you are denying someone else who is legally attempting to do it their spot.

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