Pritzker signs bill preventing employers from asking applicants about salary history

Well it seems from a previous case that the city of Philadelphia couldn't prove that companies using this question helped promote a wage gap. It may have actually passed if they had evidence that it did — or at least not failed so quickly. Considering that the people rallying against this were local businesses and corporations I'd posit that it is precisely what it does (drives a wage gap). Obviously it is not in the best interest of companies to pay every single applicant the market rate since there are so many people that practically shit themselves in negotiations and would probably take even less for the privilege of finding a job at all. Hopefully Pritzker can work something out.

RIP to all you seriously high earners though — especially new people in tech where the salaries are often very high for entry level. Having a sky-high salary certainly works for those who want to transition to new roles or new companies.

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