Private footage of the 9/11 terrorist attack shot by a college student from a NYU dormitory

Currently the U.S. is over 19 trillion in debt, only of which 1.7 trillion is in all of the wars since 2000. To keep things in perspective, the rest of the debt is mainly social programs essentially caring for what I'd consider the guilty (at least in most cases these aren't people without any vice), fat, sick, old, and poor. Social security for people currently getting money out of it, and those who put into it since the very beginning are capable of making the equivalent of a 10% rate of return on their investment. Our debt is literally giving money to old people who didn't plan properly and need more since they live too long and retired to early and have complex medical problems since they didn't take care of themselves.

If you analyze what young people (myself) are likely to get on their investment into social security, considering the retirement age will be raised and our benefits cut, its going to be on the order of 2%. Granted interests rates are shit right now so no point in saving, but 2% ror on a stock hardly qualifies as a worthwhile investment even in todays market.

Sorry for the winded post, I just like to bring some perspective to people who complain the innocent who died in 9/11 wasn't enough to warrant a war but then continue to say that the 6000 americans who signed up to join the military was the biggest travesty as well as the (reletively) insignificant debt accrued from the process in general. I don't believe the war was necessarily America's best option, or that it was executed properly, or even sought through to the end, but to this day people still complain that it was such a mistake as if it was/is our number 1 concern (didn't fix terror, caused too much debt) when at the same time our country is literally raising its debt because we can barely pay the interest on our debt because a generation of entitled baby boomers decided they would tax their children and pass it down the road.

Also the billionaires, don't forget the billionaires.

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