This privilege is not being told to not eat bagels every morning because it is healthier than McDonalds


If I don't eat in the half hour or so before I leave for work, I have to wait 3-4 hours from when I got up to eat something on my break.

  1. boo-fucking-hoo. I hate when people say they can't go 3-4 hours without eating something, it's pathetic. It's OK to be hungry, you won't die, it won't kill all your gainz. If you're a miserable fuck because you haven't eaten in a couple hours you have bigger problems, and your blood sugar is probably all sorts of fucked up. Learn to deal with and tolerate hunger, there's no way this person would have to deal with more than a very small amount, and if you're so weak and pathetic that you can't handle being hungry for a little while, you should feel embarrassed. (people with actual low blood sugar and other similar issues excluded, of course)

  2. Can't make and pack breakfast the night before and eat at work? Now I don't know what this person does for a living, but if they work a desk job they can take food and eat at their desk any time they please. If they work a retail job, then fine, you probably can't eat until your break, but it's not a big deal, see #1

  3. A bagel is not a healthy breakfast option, and may not be much healthier than getting breakfast at McDonalds if you stick to similar nutrition, and this person indicates they are eating MORE THAN ONE. A Thomas plain bagel is 260kcal with 2g fat, a whopping 51g of carbs (including 6g sugar) and 9g protein. That's a recipe for a blood sugar spike and crash and feeling hungry shortly after if I've ever seen one, and we have no idea what they're topping it with - couple hundred calories of butter, cream cheese, or peanut butter I imagine. How about instead: 2 eggs and 2 pieces of thick cut bacon - 260kcal, 20g fat, 20g protein, 0 carbs, and you probably won't be hungry in an hour! AND you can cook it the night before (or even do all your breakfasts for a week at once) and re-heat in the microwave no problemo.

  4. Your only options aren't "a bagel or McDonald's" and the fact that you think that is why you are fat.

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