Pro-diasporism and its synergy with anti-Zionism

I liked your post and was going to upvote you until

They probably are the people most out of touch with political reality on the planet; so rich and so safe; intoxicated by idealism and beautiful moralities most people on Earth cannot afford.

This meme that American Jews are completely spoiled and out-of-touch needs to die. It's a small group, but anti-Zionists and anti-Semites like to wave them around a lot. But it's really a fairly small group.

It's true that American Jews are becoming less reflexively pro-Israel than they (we, I guess) once were, but that's not the same. There's a middle ground between writing Bibi and Bennett a blank check, and thinking that Israel is the only party in the wrong.

I'm also incredibly insulted by your patronizing tone. You want to know why young American Jews might be turning away from Israel? Exactly this fucking attitude. American Jews have had the luxury and the privilege of living in the first country in the world to give Jews full citizenship, one of the few countries with little deep history of anti-Semitism, a country where Jews mostly know peace and prosperity, but that doesn't abnegate our opinions on anything.

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