Pro-gun Americans, what's the reasoning behind bringing your gun for errands?

I'm not for guns, at all. We have a gun problem here in the US, but it goes deeper, much much deeper. It's a psychological problem because of our enviroment. But it's not as simple as that I guess. Even if you try to understand it and give it a name, it's still very much a real thing.

I got robbed at gun point by my own race. I felt powerless, I was ready to fight them too, I was on my way to work, I thought they were going to turn right is why I was looking at them as I stopped at the corner, they must have thought I was maddogging them or something, when I was just waiting for them to turn. Everytime I see headlights in the night behind me I remember them. They followed close behind and then cut me off at the next corner. I threw my backpack on the floor and was ready, and the passenger pulls out his gun.

I just raised my hands and said alright, you win. I felt powerless. They had done this before too, cause one of them went through my pockets and got my backpack. It sucked, I was in good shape too, I would do 100 pushups, 90 situps, 200 squats everyday. I felt strong. All it took was a gun to make me give up and say, what's the point. Yeah maybe I did the right thing, but it sucks to me to think that all it takes is someone with a gun to have power over others.

I play it over and over in my head and try to understand why they did what they did, money for drugs? did they know me or see me around? Was it people from work I pissed off directly or indirectly? I wasn't exactly the easiest person to talk to, but I didn't want to talk to others, I just wanted to do my job and go home.

That experience just made me hate others, hate my own race and be wary of people that talked a certain way. I am wary of teenagers because again, all it takes is for one to have a gun and experience that and say, yeah, this gets me what I want.

If I own a gun, I'm just afraid I might use it. I don't want to. Guns against guns, that's the only way right? It's stupid. It's all stupid.

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