Do pro-life people realize how many poor people we would have without abortion? Or do they only care about the idea of babies?

It's more that there is a fundamental disconnect between pro-life and pro-choice. Those of us who are pro-choice do not think that someone who aborts a fetus in the first several weeks or even first couple of months is committing murder. It's possible for us to think abortions are a bad thing not because we think life begins at conception, but because we know the stress drama and pain such procedures often entail.

Hell it's possible to be for abortion during late term if you realize the only people who ever actually needs such have such dire horrifically stories to tell as to why, that you realized no one does it unless under extreme stress and duress. The concept that people just have abortions willy-nilly and that's how they handle not having safe sex is a absurd concept that only exists if you have to believe it in order to hold your anti-choice view point

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