Why Do "Pro" Players Seem Annoyed At Playing OW On Stream?

It's not a fundamental issue, and it's certainly not the target audience's fault. This is solely Blizzard's fault, and them doing shit like banning XQC is a total fucking scapegoat for their utter failures in this aspect of the game.

Despite being a "strategic, hero-switching, team game", Blizzard has done nothing at all, genuinely nothing at all to make that claim a reality.

  1. Performance based SR punishes strategic swapping, encourages onetricking
  2. Zero trust in the report system
  3. No team finding features, no guild system, only a friends list which maxes out at a few hundred and drops framerate. Oh, and "stay as group", and "leave as group". That's about it.
  4. Grouping punishes SR gains and losses indiscriminately
  5. Poor matchmaking at times
  6. No separate team and solo queue (this could be controversial)

The game is not inherently flawed. Blizzard has simply failed to give any meaningful rules or structure to the "team" aspect of the game.

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