Pro Sam And Pro Trump? ELi5?

I’m not American so I’m not sure my opinion matters but I preferred Trump to Clinton. I think they are both vile in terms of their actions in life and I think America deserves better than that awful binary choice.

But the ultimate reason for my mild preference of Trump winning was that it would to an extent expose how bad politics has gotten in America and shock the system into change. I now have to admit I was wrong. The democrats have went back to Biden which will not lead to any real change as I hoped.

It’s such awful luck that this pandemic has hit during this incompetent presidency and it has only further exposed his hucksterism.

But those pining for the Obama years are rewriting history in my book. Was he a better president? Unquestionably. But that’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp. Unfortunately I don’t see Biden doing much of substance, but at least he will represent the office less horrendously.

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