Pro-tip, if you're selling a used machine, don't be this guy.

those can vary so listing them is pretty much the same as not listing them. i don't recommend buying prebuilts to anyone anyways (unless you just need any hardware with no specific use in mind, which i would recommend a cheap laptop) so I'm a little biased. i know you weren't necessarily looking to buy the pc in the first place but on the other side of the coin, i don't get the hate. dude wants to sell the pc and the only limit is what someone will pay. if he had tried to sell it for $2800? yeah that's trying to take advantage. but a few hundred over retail price for the sum of the parts? you mention that you sell prebuilts but if you sold every single unit at the sum of the parts, why sell them at all? you take the time to build, pay for shipping but don't expect any profit? what is the point?

that being said, i don't know for sure the circumstance of the seller but it seems more like a sale of convenience than business. so that's why i chimed in.

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