Pro-Trump artist puts up banner depicting Bill de Blasio with Lady Liberty's severed head as he claims the mayor has ruined NYC and hates cops

People really, really love to shit on Staten Island, as I've seen on Reddit and among the stereotypes that shows like the Jersey Shore and other garbage MTV or SNLt throws here. But here's the thing, this is the last conservative threshold in New York City. If anything happens to Staten Island, the rest of the city, and basically, the state entirely is screwed. Staten Island has half a million people, so not a small number of people. There are thousands of liberal "Artists" who could care less if they have their work scrubbed away. If this is making news, we need to promote him and protect his character. Our borough is falling quickly, but not as quickly as most of the rest, any positive publicity as this is what's left. People have gotten away with much much worse. This is a peaceful protest, and we can make this a court case if anyone tries to take it down.

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