Probably get this asked a lot, but where should I start on the fanfics of F:OE?

ones to follow

well PH is one, sets up alot. (mostly after the story)

Murky Number Seven also sets up alot. (both before, during, and after the story)

Pink Eyes...not so much. it has 1 large story that it sets up. but it does have several that could come before it (where those fillies in suits are a plague like the raiers)

others i'd recommend, are the trilogy of Merchant of Hope, The Long Winter, and....i forgot the last. these span like 50 years and offer a different look at the wasteland as it was prior to red eye and slavers. and during slavers.

theres also Old Souls, though that was largely finished by the end. not much follow up potential, but there is some before the story like the founding of these towns.

Fallout Commonwealth, while still being written its got alot of freedom aroudn it due to a new area.

but something i want to point out, is that the timeline of most of these fics is largely in the same period of time.

theres alot of empty periods of time with few to no stories (outside of Ditzy Doo Chronicles).

for example(and i'm guessing at these time lines), the years following the bombs falling. as people struggle to survive and find the food becoming scarce.

and then 10-15 years after, when starvation and death become common.

20 years, after they've adapted and food, while still an issue, is no longer as hard to get (aka meat eating is now common)

20-50 years, the rise of the raiders, the collapse of any form of civilization. this is when raiders would be at thier most threatening. its also probably around the time the goddess first emerges.

50-100, big ? here as very few fics have touched this time. ALOT of open ground to tread. probably the start of the enclave as a major force

100-150, again like above, but we see raiders begin to decline as a superpower threat, and become just another threat. slavers and more organized threats emerge, though rare. guessing enclave vs griffon wars here.

150-200 is where most fics seem to take place, merchant of hope being the most descriptive of the change between it and the long winter. or as i call it, the end of innocence period. raiders are a nuscence. slavery is common, organized gangs/mercenaries are at their top. and so on.

and then 200ish. Fallout Equestia.

by around 220, i'd say life has generally improved enough its not as rich for stories.

but again, this is me guessing.

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