‘ Probably ghosted you’ ?? I’m sorry

Hi, I’m -clxria- on a new account. I deleted all of my comments, posts and my account as I did not want to be on that account after this. I checked the OP’s comments and I couldn’t find anything that would signal that the OP declines a trade. Downvote me if you want, but I’ve already gotten the halo and I already feel guilty. I’m sorry, i know this isn’t an excuse but I have already been ghosted many other times so I was worried. I’ve seen many other posts on this sub similar to ghosting. If you don’t want to believe that I’m -clxria- and that I’m sorry, then that’s that. I offered the trade, I waited, but I was worried.

Overall, I’m sorry that I acted like an idiot. I might leave reddit but I’ll see.

Thank you for your time.

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